Дети 10-14
Школа Le Sallay Диалог
Онлайн/офлайн | 2020/2021
1.09 — 31.05

About Marabou

In 2014 we opened camp Marabou, a summer math camp for Russian speaking kids from around the world. We started off with just 50 students attending our two summer sessions, and have significantly expanded since then. We will have five Marabou sessions in Summer 2020, held in Hungary and in America. This is in addition to Marabou's fall and spring sessions held in France.

Marabou's success is based on our core values:

  • We follow the philosophy of inclusion and provide an individualized approach for each of our students.
  • During the day, students have an immersive and enriching academic program.
  • We have professional counselors who create engaging programming for our students after classes are done.
  • Our teachers are highly qualified and are hand selected from around the world- Britain, France, America, Poland, Israel, and Russia.

Marabou was founded by psychologist Ekaterina Kadieva, mathematician Yan Rauch, and writer/entrepreneur Sergey Kuznetzov. Based on our core values from Marabou, we have started Le Sallay International Academy in September 2019. Our school is based on a model of blended learning- online and offline sessions are fused throughout the year. Le Sallay is an English speaking school, for more information please visit our website here.